Feb 4th 2024 is a huge day in the world of Feng Shui, Why is this such a big day for the Feng Shui World?. Let me explain, the largest Feng Shui time dimension follows a 180-year cycle which restarted in 1864, and is set to restart again in 2044. On 4th February 2024 the final period (9) of the current 180 year cycle will begin, ending on the 3rd Feb 2044; then the next 180 cycle restarts, with Period 1 on Feb 4th 2044.

Let’s take a look at the basic/inherent nature of each the 9 Period stars:
Star 1-White is Favorable
Star 2-Black is Unfavorable
Star 3-Green is Unfavorable
Star 4-Green is Unfavorable
Star 5-Yellow is Unfavorable
Star 6-White is Favorable
Star 7-Red is Unfavorable
Star 8-White is Favorable
Star 9-Purple is Favorable

Each Star is either inherently Good/Favorable or Bad/Unfavorable, in Feng Shui no star is forever good or bad.

Period 9 – from 4th. Feb. 2024 to 3rd. Feb. 2044

Each 180 cycle is subdivided in 3 sectors Upper, Middle and Lower 60 years each. Each of the 3 sectors is subdivided in 3 periods of 20 years each.
Upper sector contains Period 1 (20yrs), Period 2 (20yrs) and Period 3 (20yrs).
Middle sector contains Period 4 (20yrs), Period 5 (20yrs) and Period 6 (20yrs).
Upper sector contains Period 7 (20yrs), Period 8 (20yrs) and Period 9 (20yrs).
1 Full Cycle = 3 Sectors = 3 periods = 9 Periods

I have set out each Period number below, and breakdown of each Period number including other properties. The supporting stars and dead stars are also highlighted for each period. Each period star has other traits like direction, element, colour, family member and trigram. With the exception of period 5 who has no direction (center) or a trigram associated with it, the 5 star is cameleon like.
When it comes to analysing a natal chart, knowing if a star is Favorable or Unfavorable; is a massive advantage.


1 white
1-White last reigned as period star in 1864-1883, inherently good star. 
Subs: Ren + :  Zi – : Gui –
Direction: North
Family: Middle Son


2 black
2-black last reigned as period star in 1884-1903, inherently Bad star. 
Subs: Wei – : Kun + : Shen +
Direction: Southwest
Family: Mother


3 green
3-Green last reigned as period star in 1904-1923, inherently Bad star. 
Subs: Jia + : Mao – : Yi –
Direction: East
Family: Eldest Son


4 green
4-Green last reigned as period star in 1924-143, inherently Bad star. 
Subs: Chen – : Xun + : Si +
Direction: Southeast
Family: Eldest Daughter


5 yellow
5-Yellow last reigned as period star in 1944-1963, inherently Bad star. 
Subs: none : none : none
Direction: None (Central Palace)
Family: None


6 white
6-White last reigned as period star in 1964-1983, inherently Good star. 
Subs: Xu – : Qian + : Hai +
Direction: Northwest
Family: Father


7 red
7-Red last reigned as period star in 1984-2003, inherently Bad star. 
Subs: Geng + : You – : Xin –
Direction: West
Family: Youngest Daughter


8 white
8-White is currently reigning as period star during 2004-2023, inherently Good star. 
Subs: Chou – : Gen + : Yin +
Direction: Notheast
Family: Youngest Son


9 purple
9-Purple is due to reigned as period star in 2024-2043, inherently good star. 
Subs: Bing + : Wu – : Ding –
Direction: South
Family: Middle Daughter