Defining Time

Heaven Chi is associated with time, change and transformation. The time you were born, the time your home was constructed these are required information, to create a Natal Chart (energy may) of the building/house. Every house experiences periods of time known as Imprisoned Stars or Locked Periods. A house can be locked for money in a 20 year period or locked for people (health and relationships). The house can be in a 20 year lock for money or for people, but not both at the same time. 20 year locks will occur once every 180 years (biggest time). The same house can be in a 1 year money lock or people lock, this repeats every nine years.
Because this is Space/Time map (Natal Chart) you can go backward as well as forward, so you could look back at the last locked periods for people/money and see the past as well as the future. This can help validate your calculations.

Feng Shui is the study of time and space, The time your house was constructed, and the time you were born are important elements in a classical feng shui analysis. Helping to balance energy forces within your living/working space and surrounding environment. Creating a type of energy map (Natal Chart). 

What are Feng Shui Flying Star “Periods”?
Each new 20-Year Era, called a “Period,” instigates a shift in how the unseen energies in all homes and buildings will influence people residing or working inside. Some of the inherent, unseen energies will have a more positive influence and some will have a more negative influence. There are 9 Periods and they each last for 20 years, so the biggest cycle is 180 years in length (9 Periods x 20 years), before the cycles repeat. Notice how next 20 year period 9 is set to start in Feb 4th 2024 +- one day. Ushering period 9 also means we will be heading towards the start of a new biggest cycle starting in 2044. Come 2024 Feng Shui Consultants worldwide will be clambering to reconfigure their clients Natal Star Charts to accommodate the period change. The 20 year cycles are sometimes know as Yuan’s :
1-2-3 is know as Upper Yuan 
4-5-6 is known as Middle Yuan
7-8-9 is known as Lower Yuan

period timely useable

Feng Shui is a system of laws that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (chi), and whose favourable or unfavourable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings. 

Defining Time!
Ask any scientist “What is Time?” and they can’t explain! it’s too complicated, except for Albert Einstein he just says it’s “Relative”, he also said “Space and Time are not separate entities,but are connected to form a dimension called space-time.”
Table below shows each Star , it’s colour and resonant nature.

star and colour table

Xuan Kong Flying Star feng shui or Xuan Kong Fei Xing is one of disciplines in Feng Shui, and is an integration of the principles of Yin Yang, the interactions between the five elements, the eight trigrams, the Luo Shu numbers, and the 24 Mountains, by using time, space and objects to create an energy chart to analyse positive and negative energy paths of a building or home.

What are the 24 Mountains and how do they relate to Time in Feng Shui?
Annual Number represents 1 year, starting on 4th (+- one day) Feb each year, Period is 20 years, a Yuan is 80 years and Biggest Cycle is 180 years. 

9 Li = Bing(157.6 – 172.5), Wu(172.6 – 187.5) and Ding(187.6 – 202.5)
2 Kun = Wei(202.6 – 217.5), Kun(217.6 – 232.5) and Shen(232.6 – 247.5)
7 Dui = Geng(247.6 – 262.5), You(262.6 – 277.5) and Xin(277.6 – 292.5)
6 Qian = Xu(292.6 – 307.5), Qian(307.6 – 322.5) and Hai(322.6 – 337.5)
1 Kan = Ren(337.6 – 352.5), Zi(352.6 – 7.5) and Gui(7.6 – 22.5)
8 Gen = Chou(22.6 – 37.5), Gen(37.6 – 52.5) and Yin(52.6 – 67.5)
3 Zhen = Jia(67.6 – 82.5), Mao(82.6 – 97.5) and Yi(97.6 – 112.5)
4 Xun = Chen(112.6 – 127.5), Xun(127.6 – 142.5) and Si(142.6 – 157.5)
5 has no Trigram or Mountains it’s the Central Palace.

When undertaking a Classical Feng Shui audit use of the Luo Pan compass is an important part of the process. The 24 Mountains appear as one of many rings on a Luo Pan and it represents 24 directions used by consultants when analysing a property and the fortunes of its residents using formulas like Flying Stars and Eight Mansions Feng Shui as well as studying the BaZi charts of the occupants.

How are the 24 Mountains calculated?
The 24 mountains (directions) of a luopan compass derive from the 8 trigrams, each trigram makes up 45 degrees on the compass this is called a sector, which is subdivided into 3 equal parts (3×15 degrees = 45 degrees). The total number of subsectors (mountains) on a Luopan Compass is 8 X 3 = 24 mountains. A standard compass is separated into 360 degrees with the primary directions of North, East, South and West and the four secondary directions of Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest each covering 45 degrees. The 24 Mountains of the Luo Pan is no different, however the 45 degrees are then further sub-divided and it is this sub-division that sets the 24 Mountains ring apart. Each of the 8 sectors are sub-divided into three; eg N1, N2 and N3; totalling 24 (each 15 degrees.)

What do they represent?

The sub-sectors are all either Yin or Yang; they represent one of the four elements* of water, wood, fire and metal. Finally, each of the four corners is denoted by four of the eight trigrams (four members of the family unit.) Northwest (NW2) is the position of Qian (male), Northeast (NE2) houses Gen (youngest son), Southeast (SE2) is the home of Xun (eldest daughter) and Southwest (SW2) is the location of Kun (female.)

Look at your Lopan Compass it’s circular in shape, any circle consist of 360 degrees… Each Direction is equal to 45 degrees , each direction is subdivide into 3 sections gives the 24 mountain locations.

period 5 updated aug2021

Notice how each sub sector uses the formula +– or -++
So an Odd numbers would use the formula +– and an Even numbers uses -++ , this formula is vital because it determines if the chart is floated in a positive or negative fashion.


Remember number 5 resides in the central palace, for the original Luo Shu Sequence. Central Palace will always be the starting point for the Luo Shu trail.
Period, Facing, Sitting and Annual number, Sitting and Facing can travel both Yin and Yang paths; determined by the formula +– or -++.
Central Palace => North-West (6) => West (7) => North-East (8) => South (9) => North (1) => South-West (2) => East (3) => South-East (4)

period table