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Productive Cycle Feng Shui Xuan Kong Feng Shui

Productive Cycle Feng Shui

Productive Cycle

When an element strengthens or “produces” another element, we strengthened that elements qualities using the productive sequence.
Fire nurtures -> Earth

Earth nurtures -> Metal

Metal nurtures -> Water

Water nurtures -> Wood

Wood nurtures -> Fire


The Productive cycle:
Water nurtures -> Wood nurtures -> Fire nurtures -> Earth nurtures -> Metal nurtures -> Water.

You will use the Productive, or Creative, cycle when you need to strengthen a particular feng shui element.

For example, let’s say, you need to strengthen the Wood feng shui element in a specific area. Besides the obvious step of bringing more Wood energy (with plants, wood décor items, colors green and brown, etc), you will also focus on bringing more of the Water element because it nourishes the Wood. You can do that with an actual water feature such as an aquarium or a fountain, with images of water, mirrors, as well as décor elements in deep blue or black colors in fluid shapes.