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Feng Shui Periods and Yun

According to Feng Shui every building has been constructed within a certain construction period. The periods are broken down into twenty years in length, each 20 year cycle is called a “Yun”. Each period (Yun) begins on February 4th because February 4th is the midway from the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. These Twenty-year Periods repeat every 180 years and this is called a “Grand Cycle” because there are nine periods each lasting twenty years. Each period is associated with a Trigram, Number, Direction and Element.

period cycle

This is where we get a glimpse of the Synchronicity between all the elements of Xuan Kong Feng Shui.


Let’s add the corresponding trigrams to the list as below, we know number 5 occupies the central palace in the Luo Shu and has no Trigram assigned to it. Here’s the clever bit: Within each Yun/Period other than 5, the central place is replaced with a new period/facing/sitting number as we float each period/facing/sitting using the luo shu trail. Once removed from its primary central palace number 5 acts like a chameleon and takes on the properties of the prevailing period/facing/sitting.

period cycle trigrams
We can see whatever period/yun is prevailing it takes on the properties of that number i.e
Period 1 is Kan

Period 2 is Kun

Period 3 is Zhen

Period 4 is Xun

Period 6 is Qian

Period 7 is Dui

Period 8 is Gen

Period 9 is Li


Period 1 Number 5 is Kan

Period 2 Number 5 is Kun

Period 3 Number 5 is Zhen

Period 4 Number 5 is Xun

Period 6 Number 5 is Qian

Period 7 Number 5 is Dui

Period 8 Number 5 is Gen

Period 9 Number 5 is Li

Period lasts for 20 Years

Yun lasts for 180 Years