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What a Natal/Star Chart is?

A Natal/Star Chart is simply a snapshot of the cosmos at the time your Home/Building was constructed; some call it a Cosmic Map. The Chart is used to create Balance and Harmony in your Home/Office/Building.

No matter which area of Feng Shui you practice, it all comes down to the Natal/Star Chart which is based on the Luo Shu Trail. Creating the “Chart” takes lots of trial and error; if the calculations are incorrect the mapping of the “Chi” flow is wrong. If the Chart is wrong then the Remedies will also be wrong. I would always advise that any person taking Feng Shui seriously needs to learn the “Luo Shu Trail”.

Lets show you how to:
Create a complete Natal/Star Chart.
Help you practice or guide you to the correct creation of your Chart.
Calculate your Period number.
Calculate your “Sitting” and Ascending or Descending direction.
Calculate your “Facing” and Ascending or Descending direction.
Break down each Sector in the Chart.

Above image shows a completed Natal/Star chart for sample house X, the details of house X are: House was built in 1961, Facing 358 degrees, Sitting 178 degrees and Annual star 2.
So House X details used in Natal/Star Chart are:

1. 1961 = Period 5

2. Facing = 358 degrees = S2 = -9

3. Sitting = 178 degrees = N2 = -1

4. Annual = 2

First we calculate the period the house was built in which is 1961, looking at chart below we see that 1961 falls between 1944 and 1964, so the period for house X is 5 and the current period is marked as 8.
period cycle
Next using our Luo Pan Compass we took the directions of front and back directions of house X, these were Facing 358 degrees and Sitting 178 degrees both were within the 2nd sub sectors i.e. S2 and N2. We know that S2 is 9 and N2 is 1, we need to figure out if they are floated using Ascending or Descending. We use the formula “Odd Number is +- – and Even numbers are -++” , so 9 and 1 are odd numbers so +- – is applied this means both use the descending (-, Yin) Luo Shu trail method i.e. -9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 and -1/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2.
The Luo Shu Trail is a vital part of floating the numbers/stars, based around the Luo Shu Square. Yin is Minus, Yang is Plus.

tiny loshu
Luo Shu Magic SquareLuo Shu with directionsEach line adds up to 15

Below is the movement of the Luo Shu trail starting and ending in the central palace, mapping the movement of the numbers/stars from palace to palace.

lo shu plus3 direction
Luo Shu Trail for more information on the Luo Shu Trail 

Next we get the Annual number as can be seen from the chart below this is 2.

period cycle trigrams
Let’s take a closer look at the central palace square and see how it is used in the construction of the Natal/Flying Star chart, fig 1 shows the central numbered 5 is expanded out, fig 2 shows the components in the central palace which has been divided into 9 smaller squares for illustration purposes.

  fig 1 
Central palace
 fig 2

 Let’s deconstruct the Central Palace
fs chart10Starting on the top Left is the Sitting Direction

fs chart10

Top Right is the Facing Direction

fs chart10

Middle Centre is the Construction Year

fs chart10

Bottom Right is the Annual

So before we float our numbers in the Natal/Flying Star chart it would look like this.
fs chart11n

Finished chart for house X

fs chart14n
To highlight how much of an impact Ascending or Descending the numbers have on the final chart, let’s keep the same details for house X and just change the 

1961 = Period 5

Facing = 345 degrees = S1 = +9

Sitting = 178 degrees = N2 = -1

Annual = 2

natal chart start floated9

Use the Luo Shu trail it makes this process a lot easier and it doesn’t matter if positive or negative numbers it’s the sequence, so learn IT!!

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