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Create your own Luo Shu Compass

Feng Shui only uses Magnetic North when creating Flying Star Charts, so you can analyse your home, office or any building. True North is different and cannot be used to take directions for your Star Chart; depending on where you live it could be a difference of 0-18 degrees East or West depending on your location. North and South Magnetic Poles are not antipodal, in other words a line drawn from one to the other does not pass through the geometric centre of the Earth.

Some people would like to know the difference between a “Luo Shu Compass” and “Normal Compass” In a Luo Shu Compass there are 8 main directions N,E,S,W,NE,NW,SE and SW, each sector is divided into 3 sub-directions. There 24 different sub-directions 8 X 3 these are called the 24 Mountains.

Each sector contains 3 Mountains and uses the formula “Odd numbers +– and Even numbers -++”, this determines if the Flying Star Chart is floated in an Ascending or Descending manner. The Luo Pan Compass is used by Feng Shui masters all over the world but not everyone has access to one! So I created a conversion chart to allow you turn a regular compass (showing degrees) into a Luo Shu Compass.

Try this:
Take you’re Facing and Sitting in the usual manner with your regular compass (must have degrees) note the degrees for facing and sitting and use the chart below to give the same results you’d get from using a Luo Shu compass.

Sample readings

Facing 203 degrees
Wei 2 SW1 (202.6 – 217.5) minus

Sitting 23 degrees
Chou 8 NE1 (22.6 – 37.5) minus

Remember!! Compasses are effected by magnetic fields and metal objects will cause them to give false readings, if unsure check readings from different positions.

Download a PDF version of the Luo Shu Converter Click here >>

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