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Feng Shui is about making your environment work for
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This is where everything else goes , that don't fit into any of the other sections, like HeTu, Trigrams, Time, Luo shu, 81 Combinations

Feng Shui FAQ

Feng Shui Frequently Asked Questions, also know as FAQ. If we missed something let us know and we'll add it, on our next update.

Stars & Charts

If you want to lean about Feng Shui, there are some areas you need to know , like Natal Star Charts (Energy Maps)

Video Gallery

Most of the Videos i have created regarding Feng Shui over the last few months are available here, with a brief description of each



In Feng Shui wood is not just “Wood ( 木 ) ” like Metal ( 金 ) , Water ( 水 ) , Fire ( 火 ) and Earth ( 土 ) are seen as types energies

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