Super Moon 14th Nov 2016


The super moon seen last night 14th Nov 2016 of was amazing, reminding us of the beauty and scale of universal energy, Qi(chi, Chee) is the term for the universal energy, or the energy that permeates everything around us. Qi(chi, Chee) literally translates as "breath" or "air", some practitioners call it the life force or energy flow in any living organism. Ancient Chinese described it as "life force". In Feng Shui this term applies to the energy inside our bodies, and energy inside or outside of buildings. Chi is energy that flows in every living organism. In Chinese tradition, good flowing Chi makes you healthily. Sheng Qi is life enhancing energy giving feelings of contentment, happiness, and optimism, Sheng Qi is the upward and forward moving Qi(Chi, Chee ) it resides in bright, positive refreshing locations. Sha Qi(Chi, Chee ) is the opposite it is negative, unhealthy or harmful Qi(Chi, Chee ).

The flow of Qi(Chi, Chee ) is mapped and predicted using a method called "Wu Xing" .
Wu Xing is said to mirror the structure of the cosmos through the five elements. Each "Element" has a series of associations with different aspects of nature. In Feng Shui it uses the five elements (Wu Xing) system to Balance or repair Imbalance where needed. All 5 elements are represented within the Bagua (eight trigrams), each of the 5 elements are represented as colours, numbers, directions, seasons, etc. etc.

The elements are:
Fire ( 火 )
Earth ( 土 )
Metal ( 金 )
Water ( 水 )
Wood ( 木 )
Each element represents a different type of Qi(Chi, Chee ) or energy, Wu Xing is the interaction between each element it's seen as 3 distinct cycles Productive , Destructive and Weakening, knowledge of these cycles and the energy flow between the elements enables Feng Shui practitioners to apply specific cures by rearrangement of energy in a way that’s beneficial to people.
Productive Cycle: When an element strengthens or “produces” another element, we strengthened that elements qualities using the productive sequence.
Fire nurtures -> Earth
Earth nurtures -> Metal
Metal nurtures -> Water
Water nurtures -> Wood
Wood nurtures -> Fire

Destructive Cycle: When an element erodes or “destroys” another element, we destroy that elements qualities using the destructive sequence.
Fire Destroys --> (melts) Metal
Metal Destroys --> (chops) Wood
Wood Destroys --> (depletes) Earth
Earth Destroys --> (absorbs) Water
Water Destroys --> (puts out) Fire

Weakining Cycle: When we wish to weaken an elements qualities, we use the weakening sequence.
Fire weakens --> Wood
Wood weakens --> Water
Water weakens --> Metal
Metal weakens --> Earth
Earth weakens --> Fire