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In classical Feng Shui, the He Tu combination of numbers embody the YIN and YANG pairings of the five elements. The He Tu numbers are derived from the Map of compass primary directions; North, South, East and West are represented by a He Tu pair of numbers.

He Tu Number relations 
The numbers 1 and 6 reside in the North
The numbers 2 and 7 reside in the South
The numbers 3 and 8 reside in the East
The numbers 4 and 9 reside in the West

In addition to the above four pairs of numbers, 5 & 10 are said to represent earth energy residing in the centre. The odd numbers are YANG numbers, while the even numbers are YIN numbers. The He Tu pattern is illustrated in the diagram shown below.

1 and 6 are water elements.
2 and 7 are fire elements. 
3 and 8 are wood elements. 
4 and 9 are metal elements.

Running in a clockwise direction starting from the centre (Earth), the combinations flow as in the Productive cycle; Earth [5 & 10] produces Metal [4 & 9], Metal produces Water [1 & 6], Water nourishes Wood [3 & 8], Wood nourishes Fire [2 & 7], Fire produces Earth.