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The Five Elements (wu xing)
Wu Xing is said to mirror the structure of the cosmos through the five elements. Each "element" has a series of associations with different aspects of nature. In Feng Shui it uses the five elements (Wu Xing) system to Balance or repair Imbalance where needed.

All 5 elements are represented within the bagua (eight trigrams), each of the 5 elements are represented as colours, numbers, directions, seasons, etc. etc.

The elements are:
Fire ( 火 )
Earth ( 土 )
Metal ( 金 )
Water ( 水 )
Wood ( 木 )

Each element represents a different type of (Chi), Chee or energy, Wu Xing is the interaction between each element it's seen as 3 distinct cycles Productive , Destructive and Weakening, knowledge of these cycles and the energy flow between the elements enables Feng Shui practitioners to apply specific cures by rearrangement of energy in a way that’s beneficial to people.